Weekly Goals 2/2/15

My goals for this week:

1. Drink a minimum of 4 oz pure water.  I drink plenty of liquids throughout the day, but I am trying to transition to more water.

2. Take a daily walk, even if that walk is only to the corner and back.

3.  Drink 1 Slim & Sassy shake per day.


Uphill Battle

Some days it seems like an uphill battle.  Just when I think I am almost to the top, I stumble and fall back down the mountain.  Once again I started off this month strong.  I hit my water goals every day for 2 weeks.  I started walking again.  I was eating well and following a plan.  Then, bam!  I took a wrong turn, stumbled and lost my way.  It is the same old story, told many times.  But I still have my eye on the prize.  I still have a goal and this time, I won’t let that stumble force me back down the mountain.  I will wrap my wounds and trudge on.  I will look to strangers for support and encouragement, but I will recover.

It’s been a slow start

I am almost 3 weeks into my current weight loss plan.  It has been a much slower start than I had anticipated.  I get easily overwhelmed by even the most mundane issues.  For me, this usually means meal planning is very difficult.  Thus far my plan has been to “make good choices.”  I have lost weight, but I lost it all the first week and have plateaued since then.  My parents are visiting and for me that means stress and a lot of eating out.  I think I will try to focus on starting an exercise plan for the remainder of the week.


17 days of achieving my water goal

Goal for this week:

Walk 4 x


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